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Cost-saving strategies for businesses has never been this easy by hiring offshore staff.  Quality staff and services, at prices you will find hard to believe.

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Transparent Billing

Transparent Billing

Easy to read and understand monthly invoices with transparent rates making it easy for you to budget. Competitive rates which is just right for your budget.

Quality Staff

Quality Staff

Zigzag Offshoring rigorously screen potential staff to find the skilled candidates that best fit your job requirements. We can assist with every step of staff recruitment.

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Get Started

Get Started

We pride ourselves in providing solutions in the most convenient way. May it be a business start-up or providing an extra arm for the workforce. Your enquiry is easy as 1-2-3.

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Our billing is simple:

  • We bill actual staff wages plus a flat rate of P26,500 per month per person.
  • When an employee has worked more than 6 months they become regularised and then an additional P1000 is added to the bill for health insurance. For the purpose of this quote/estimate we will be adding this to the total monthly cost.

Please note: Philippine Labour laws state all employees must get paid a 13 month bonus at the end of each calendar year so we add this to the calculation.

Premium is only available for 6 or more staff.

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Please review your job selection and experience required for offshoring. If everything is correct please click send to deliver your quote to your email. If you would like to make changes please click the back button below.

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Do You Really Want Fries With Outsourcing ?

We have all been to the fast food restaurant at some time in our life and experienced the upsell:“Would you like fries with that?” or “Would you like to upsize to a large combo meal?” This is great staff training and sale skills, thus, can have an enormous impact on a company’s turnover. However, in the world of outsourcing, we are now also seeing a lot of extras added to the client’s monthly invoice. ZigZag Offshoring has a number of potential new clients contact us to relocate their staff onto our facility. During the conversations, we started to ask questions as to why they wanted to move their team from their already established base. The constant answer was the extras that keep being added to their monthly invoice was causing large increases in the cost of outsourcing.  Some of the extras included: Staff Management costs 10 – 20% surcharge on client purchases Admin fee of up to 15 % Printing and photocopying charges IT support Fees to use meeting room HR costings for reviewing & disciplining staff In many cases, these “extras” added up to 30-40% in additional fees─ on top of the Seat Lease and disclosed fees. Outsourcing is a wonderful tool for most businesses, but beware of the extras! Read the fine print and  ask for sample invoices, including all the monthly additional charges. Surely, you don’t need to have fries with that! Regards, Vince Dickson | Director Source link :  ...

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