Know your facts

What services does ZigZag Offshoring offer?
ZigZag Offshoring offers complete services to help you recruit, train and retain your new team in Manila. To learn more about ZigZag Offshoring services please click here.
Do you offer seat lease or office space?
We offer both. If you would like to learn more about seat lease please click here. If you would like to learn more about our Office Lease options please get in touch with the Offshoring Director by completing the contact us form here.
What are the costs involved?
To determine how much you will save on wages and to get an instant quote emailed to you please follow 3 easy steps on the get started page – click here.
How long does it take to get started?
On Average, you can get up and running in less than a fortnight. In some cases, ZigZag  has been able to find solutions for clients in less than one week. To determine cost savings and to learn more about how to get started click here.
What is the minimum offshoring contract period?
The ZigZag shared space has no lock in period to allow clients to experience fair offshoring and no minimum staff. Click here for costings.
What is the probationary period for staff?
Employees are considered ‘probationary’ for the first six (6) months of employment. After the probationary period, staff are considered ‘regular’.
What are the staff benefits?
Our staff receive benefits over and above the industry standard. For a list of employee benefits please click here.
What are the normal office hours?
Our office is currently open 6am-6pm Local Manila time (GMT+8). We have the capability to operate 24/7.