A Simple Offshoring Model that Our Clients Love

“The client assigns & manages daily tasks with their team and ZigZag Offshoring takes care of the rest.” -Chris Adebahr, Director.

ZigZag Offshoring makes it easy for our clients to grow their team offshore, without taking away the hands-on approach and control of staff. Our clients are different in their own way so we encourage direct communication with their team to set and accomplish goals. Ignoring your team in Manila is like never going to your office in Australia- it just doesn’t work.

Here is a brief list of our services:

  • Staff Recruitment
  • Staff Retention
  • IT and connectivity to your office in Australia

Our Additional Services:

  • Monitoring software
  • Incentive programs
  • General Offshoring development
  • Travel and tourism for you to visit the office and spend time with your team

ZigZag Offshoring has dedicated coordinators to help you through the entire process. You only speak with one person and he or she will take care of all your concerns. Your coordinator will provide easy, clear instructions to help you get through the entire set-up process and will also be your ‘go to’ person on a weekly basis should you need anything.

If you have any further questions please click here to visit our FAQ page or contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Set up your own team in the Philippines

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