A Simple Offshoring Model that Our Clients Love

“Our clients assign and manage daily tasks with their team and we take care of the rest.” – Chris Adebahr, Director.

ZigZag Offshoring offers a simple solution for those who want to start a team offshore. We understand that different businesses have different needs, so we allow our clients to take a hands-on approach when working with their team.

A brief list of our services:

Staff Recruitment
Staff Retention
IT & Connectivity

Additional services:
Monitoring Software
Incentive Programs
General Offshoring Development
Philippines Travel and Tourism Planning

ZigZag Offshoring provides a dedicated coordinator who can help you through the entire process. Your coordinator will provide easy, clear instructions to help you from recruitment, to hiring, and even to holiday planning. They’ll be your go-to on a daily basis.

Set up your own team in the Philippines

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