Your Real Estate business can get ahead of your competitors if you are the first to meet with clients, engage with them and leave the​m​ a positive impression. That means, your Property Management or Sales Team need to have more time to spend in front of clients rather than doing paper work.

Delegating some administration and customer service tasks to a reputable offshore Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company makes more face to face time possible, as it helps grow your team and the teams success in the most cost-effective way.


Offshoring work is not that complicated and could very well be tailored to your business structures.

The Philippines is now the leading go-to offshoring country for many Australian businesses as it holds a great track record of established BPO providers.

1. Virtual Assistants (VA) are fully capable of executing administration tasks with minimal supervision.

With endless typing, data entry, research and coding to work on, some opt to hire temps that could oftentimes be frustrating, as they come and go, and can be hard to manage!

A dedicated VA on the other hand, can work with your Property Manager or team, build relationships with staff, suppliers and clients, learn to understand your business and become a key cog in your Real Estate business.

Good education, understanding of Western Culture and fluency in English make Filipinos as the best choice to help support your team with administration tasks at a much lesser cost.

Your remote staff can take care of tasks such as translating open home registers into databases, update it with buyer’s enquiry details, encode tenancy documents, send email notifications to tenants, update websites, load open home details on digital portals, assist with Social media and send out and process application forms.

Property Managers can now focus their attention to more significant agency operations like creating approaches on marketing properties, building value on your brand, signing up new listings etc. — all to increase profitability.

2. Free up your Property Manager of phone time behind the desk to attend to serious purchasers.

Maximising productivity and providing good customer service satisfaction lead to achieving your sales goals.

Dedicated VAs, with their slight American style accent, can initiate and attend to property ​e​nquiries (like rental availability and inspections), setting up appointments, make follow-up calls and even pre-qualify potential buyers or tenants.

3. Bookkeeping Support

Degree holders and professional Bookkeepers, Auditors and Accountants are readily available and others are easily trained to do bookkeeping , accounts payable and receivable, payroll processing and archiving, in accordance with Australian system and laws.

4. Website Management, Electronic and Digital Marketing

An impressive online presence gives a huge impact on searching purchasers.

Your offshore staff can work with your local team in maintaining your website (creative design and web development), design and send out Electronic Direct Mails (EDMs), keep track and compile reports of traffic and key statistics for your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and keeps your search ranking high by
effectively managing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), assist with Linked​I​n and building your networks.

5. Active Social Media Interactions and expanding Professional Networks

Your agency could get ahead by increasing brand awareness and expanding client networks.

Your Marketing Team can work with an offshore staff in creating and posting ideas, commenting and responding to ​enquiries on social media and professional platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Why not investigate​ and tak​e​ the next step towards your company’s growth by driving better efficiencies and controlling costs.

Contact us at ZigZag Offshoring today and we would gladly assist you on how to set up your own offshore team.


Vince Dickson
ZigZag Offshoring

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